…and forced loyalty is no loyalty at all. It’s that moment when you realize, you’re just waiting for the next thing.

You state it precisely and perfectly when you wrote that this CEO could learn a thing or three about empathy and understanding. Because honestly, he doesn’t even seem to have a grasp on the jobs market these days, and I am curious if he realizes the damage his public denouncement of said individual will likely to do the pipeline. Their HR is going to be screaming inside, as I suspect they probably fear the cultishness of the company.

Either way… also like you said, they’ll make a ton of money just from fixing the domain space space that they’re in. I hope along the way the CEO learns a bit and doesn’t go off with such disdain.

Software dev, data, heavy metal, transit, economics, freethought, atheism, cycling, livability, beautiful things & adrenaline junkie.

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