Big Ole Invisible Freight Railroads (Let’s Talk Volumes)

Let’s talk about freight shipments in the United States for a moment. You often see 18-wheelers and such hauling stuff back and forth on the roadways, but did you realize they only account for just shy of 30% of freight movement in the United States? At least by ton miles carried, railroads carry a whopping 40% (see this and . That’s right — the relatively invisible, barely interruptive, much cleaner than 18-wheelers or planes — freight railroads!

Ton Miles from FRA Telemetry on Freight Systems (Referenced below in FRA DOT Link)

That Freight Rail Data

I didn’t actually start this post to yammer on about how cool and great the freight railroads are. I wanted to talk about some data. You see, I wanted to get hold of some interesting data. I find the massive freight movements of the railroads, and overall in the United States, rather interesting. Thus I set out on a quest to seek out and find all the data I could. This is the path and data I found, and soon you too will find this data showing up in the applications and tooling that I build and distribute — via open source projects and other means — to you dear reader!

Almost down ~40% or so from 2007.

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