Coding Effort Introspection, 2nd Quarter Workshops, Code Sessions, & Twitch Streaming Schedule

Thrashing Code Guests

The Music of Thrashing Code

  • Short introduction to GraphQL
  • Server
  • Client
  • Architectural Overview of Hasura API Server and Tooling
  • Instant GraphQL API
  • CLI Tooling
  • Building a GraphQL Schema with the Hasura Console
  • Database Schema (vs GraphQL)
  • Tables
  • Data Types
  • Relationships
  • Overview of Migrations
  • Using Postgres Functions
  • Short identifiers
  • Default columns (functions & triggers)
  • Migrations
  • Setup for migrations workflow
  • Versioning migrations.
  • Metadata
  • Setup metadata for workflow
  • Versioning metadata
  • Seeds
  • Setup seeds for initial data loads
  • Versioning seeds
  • Peripheral Workflow Tools & Practices
  • Docker & Local Database Environment
  • Additional Tooling
  • Visual Studio Code
  • JetBrains DataGrip
  • JetBrains Database Plugin
  • Postgres pgAdmin
  • SQL Server Enterprise Manager

Future Workshops

  • Introduction to what SQL is and the history. Including, why it’s pronounced sequal, not S, Q, L, and that it does not stand for “Standard Query Language” because nerds are funny about their naming of things, and naming is hard!
  • The basic structure of SQL statements. How they’re built from object, predicate, and verb formation.
  • Putting together a database with SQL. Including creating a database, schema, table, columns, and how to alter these elements.
  • How to go about editing and dropping the elements we created.
  • A quick overview of database migrations.
  • Query writing, joins, inner and outter, and the deluge of Cartesian products.
  • Basic data modeling, normal forms, and the implications of building schema around normalized forms.
  • Denormalizing schema.
  • Data types and their usage around data modeling.
  • Data types and their implications within data modeling.
  • Common tips n’ tricks for using data types to build effective normalized or denormalized schema.
  • Writing a basic query and growing this complexity to advanced joins, views, and query options to make data available.
  • Getting Cartesian products and ensuring we don’t.
  • Denormalizing data with SQL and some of the complexities of doing so once you have data, and especially with lots of data.
  • Writing loops in SQL and why not to do this.
  • Other SQL tips n’ tricks to awesome SQL coding!
  • Introduction to GraphQL Servers and what they do and how they work.
  • Elements of a GraphQL Server
  • Schema
  • Data Set
  • Resolvers
  • Query Operations
  • GraphQL Types
  • Aliases and Fragments
  • Variables
  • Query Nested Objects
  • Directives
  • Client options for the various languages stacks; JavaScript, C#, Java, Go, and possibly other languages.
  • Implementation of queries and mutations in;
  • JavaScript via client and Node.js Server calls (server acting as client).
  • C# and/or Java calls as clients.
  • Go calls as systems client.
  • How to deal with JSON results with JavaScript, C#, Java, and Go.
  • JavaScript with JavaScript Object Notation.
  • C#/Java options for managing JSON.
  • Go options for managing JSON.



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