Corporate or Personal Channels, Building Content

What’s What

Of these two channels, it is often difficult as an advocate to determine which to use for various messages out to the prospective community. Do I push content for a corporate entity? Do I push content via my personal blog? Will one damage the other or damage my future prospects at reaching the audience I hope to gain? What advantages does one have over the other? Let’s get into and answer these and other questions.

Advantage Goes To… Neither

Each channel has advantages over the other. For content that you are very specifically curious about, that you’ve spent the time learning, and want to share your personal journey with one’s personal channels are dramatically better then putting that on a corporate channel. If something is more of a manual, how-to, similar to documentation, or an update about specific products or services, that should and rightfully fits on a corporate channel.

  • Product or Service Release or Release Notes
  • Announcements of Corporate Events, News, etc.
  • How-to Articles
  • Documentation, new documentation
  • Manuals or walk through information
  • Any of the above but with person details, thoughts, ideas, hope, or whatever else has come to mind about what is being released or posted.
  • How-to articles that detail specific personal experiences using products or services and especially anything positive or negative related to those products or services.
  • Personal adventures in coding, conferences, meetups, events, or other human elements of one’s advocacy around something.
  • Other interesting, but generally tangentially related content that you’re interested in that informs some idea of who you are. i.e. I post stuff about music (metal), and biking. If you’re going to be active and advocate, you might as well be you (more on this below).

Building Channels

Another major point of contention is how to and in what way should a corporate channel be built up from an advocacy perspective versus a personal channel. Should either relate to the other, reference each other, or otherwise interconnect? In many ways, my not so humble opinion is yes. A prime example, at DataStax I worked diligently to provide content for the corporate channels, but I also very specifically aim to build my own channels which I use to have a voice and provide the community information, details, and information about the things I’ve learned and am working on. these things often don’t fit on the corporate presence but are exactly the types of things that build integrity in the corporate channels.

Sharing Content

Now there is also the realm where content starts to be shared. Sometimes things are cross-posted, but whatever the case shared content needs to be proofed, kept in a voice for ease of reading and maintained over time. The search engines and other ways that content is organically found on the internet often goes through a kind of auto-updating process to remove cruft and old links, but for some things links really stay put and continuously — even when horrifically outdated — show up in search results. For advocates it is of key importance to maintain relevancy and in many cases update the content they produce. It’s rarely done, but something that is worth working toward!

Advocacy for Advocates

When working through building content, every advocate and every company hiring advocates should work to build up their individual advocates. If the company isn’t, and the advocates aren’t, then it does a disservice to the advocates and the company — as it is of vital importance to not forget that we build software for people. Ideologically the connections that advocates have are with people, and it’s important that this is focused on, built up, and maintained as a core element of developer, or any kind of advocacy.



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