Evangelism & Advocacy in Technology


Perception: I often see descriptions where 50% travel is expected (or more), along with a host of other things like “must be able to write node.js, go, python and contribute to open source project and… and… and…”. To compound matters I often see where these roles need to communicate between departments and act as some mythical type of glue so that engineering can somehow get information from the customers that advocates or evangelists talk to. This is, to put it nicely, a truly odd notion when matched to travel, contributions, and a host of other requirements.


Perception: Publishing written articles via blogs and other mediums is by no means an easy thing to do. It takes a ton of work to write truly good, effective, and useful blog entries. Most people don’t even want to write things outside of the things they have to. Expecting an advocate to evangelize via blog posts and written word, with expectations around numerous blog posts as if it takes no effort is dangerous and sets an extremely bad precedent. but there it is, often in job descriptions and sometimes even with absurd requirements like; “write 4–6 blog entries per month on programming topics deep diving into X”.


Perception: We’ll line you up with plenty of speaking opportunities (says super hip and awesome company) and then you just show up and use your personality to present the technology we build! It’ll be super easy!



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Adron Hall

Adron Hall

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