Farewell Medium

UPDATE: I’ve said farewell, but I’m back, please read this entry.

The idea was this, I’d write to Medium for a few months and see where things go. I did, and the readership here isn’t any better than anywhere else while the editing, crafting the blog the way I want it to look, and other things just isn’t really up to par. So I’m returning, not to my statically generated site via a git repo, but instead going all the way back to Wordpress on Wordpress.com. The simple thing is, it does basically everything I need and stays out of my way so that I can focus on content and publication of that content. I’ll be publishing material, similar to what I have here, over at https://compositecode.blog.

With that, farewell Medium, it was… interesting. Cheers.

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Adron Hall

Software dev, data, heavy metal, transit, economics, freethought, atheism, cycling, livability, beautiful things & adrenaline junkie.