First Quarter Workshops, Code Sessions, & Twitch Streaming Schedule

Adron Hall
4 min readJan 10, 2021


I present, the details for upcoming workshops, sessions, and streams for the first quarter of 2021. This quarter includes January through March. In late March an updated list of new content coming and existing context continuing will be posted then.

Thrashing Code Channel on YouTube for the VODs and VLOGs.

Thrashing Code Channel on Twitch for the live streams.

Hasura HQ on Twitch and YouTube too.

Composite Thrashing Code Blog where I put together articles about the above content plus list events, metal, and a lot more. Which I also mirror here for those that like to read on Medium and also on who like to read there.


Workshops are 1+ hour long, have breaks, and a mostly a set curriculum. They’ll often have collateral available before and after the workshop such as slide decks, documentation, and often a code repository or two. The following are the scheduled workshops I’ve got for first quarter of 2021.

January 28th @ 12:00–14:00 PT Relational Data Modeling for GraphQL — This will be a data modeling workshop focused around getting a GraphQL API up and running built around a relational data model. In this workshop I’ll be showing how to do this using dbdiagram, Jetbrains DataGrip, and the Hasura API & CLI tooling. The ideas, concepts, and axioms I lay out in this workshop are not limited or tightly coupled to these tools, I used them simply to provide a quick and effective way to get much further into concept and ideas, and move beyond this to actual implementation of concept and ideas within the workshop. Thus, the tools aren’t must haves, but they will help you follow along with the workshop.

February 17th @ 14:00–15:00 Relational Data Modeling for GraphQL — See above description. This will be a live rerun of the workshop I’ll do, so a new group can join in live, ask questions, and work through the material.

February 18th @ 12:00–14:00 PT Introduction to GraphQL — This workshop will take you through the architectural and programmatic use of GraphQL. In the first part of this workshop I’ll take you through an architectural tour of how, where, why, and what options exist for GraphQL API Servers. In the second part of the workshop we’ll spin up a Hasura API Server, import some data, and work through various query examples with GraphQL. Wrapping up this workshop we’ll then take a look at several GraphQL Drivers for the various language stacks out there like .NET, Java, JavaScript/Node.js, Go, and possibly others.

March 23rd @ 14:00–15:00 Introduction to GraphQL — See above, a rerun of the workshop.

March 24th @ 12:00–14:00 PT Relational Data Modeling for GraphQL — See above, a rerun of the workshop.

One Offs

These sessions will be on a set list of topics that will be provided at the beginning of the event. They’ll also include various collateral like a Github repository, pertinent notes that detail what I’m showing in video.

January 11th @ 10~Noon Join me as I show you how I setup my Hasura workflow for the Go language stack setup. In this session I’ll delve into the specifics, the IDE, and work toward building out a CLI application that uses Hasura and GraphQL as the data store. Join me for some coding, environment setup, workflow, and more. This is a session I’ll be happy to field questions too (as most of my sessions), so if you’ve got questions about Hasura, my workflow, Go, CLI development, or anything else I’m working on join in and toss a question into chat!

Coding Session Series

These sessions may vary from day to day, but will be centered around a particular project or effort, or just around learning something newabout a bit of code, how something works, or other technologically related explorations. An example is in March I’m kick starting #100DaysOfCode which will be a blast! 1 hour a day, for 100 days. What will we learn? Who knows, but it’ll be a blast hacking through it all!

February 26th @ Noon PT Emerald City Tech Talks resume! I’ve got the first episode I’m getting scheduled for the 15th, and then this will occur every month for the first quarter of 2021, and possibly going bi-weekly in the second quarter. The dates so far are January 15th, February 19th, and March 19th all at Noon PT, so it makes for an easy lunch time break viewing. Grab some grub and join me for the latest tech talk, review of gadgetry, and other topics.

March TBD @ TBD, but in March and repeating on weekdays daily! Day 1 and ongoing of #100DaysOfCode! Yup, I’ve decided to jump on the 100 Days of Code Train! The very general scheduling of topics I intend to cover so far goes like this; algorithms, data/storage, vuejs, and then into building a project. Project isn’t decided yet, nor algorithms, nor specific data and storage topics, but that’ll be the general flow. More details to come in late Febuary and early March!

Tuesday, January 12th @ 10:00 PT on Hasura HQ repeating weekly I’ll be putting together a full stack app, learning new parts of doing so, and more using the Hasura tooling along with Vuejs. Join me for some full stack app dev, we’ll be getting — over time — deep into all the things!

Wrap Up TLDR; && Full Schedule

That’s the material I’m putting together for the Thrashing Code and Hasura Channels on Twitch & YouTube, I hope you’ll enjoy it, get value out of it all, or just join me to hang out on stream and in workshops. Give the channel a follow on Twitch, and if you ever miss a live session on Twitch, in ~24 hours or shortly thereafter I’ll have the Twitch stream posted for VOD on the Thrashing Code YouTube Channel, which you can navigate over to and subscribe for all the latest updates for the above videos and more!



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