Getting COPY For Bulk CSV Working on a Container Running PostgreSQL

4cf25606-5f3e-4575-86ea-c585513fcc39,Solomon Islands,,2020-12-25T05:04:26.124Z,2020-12-30T11:04:26.124Z,d6ef3dfd-9596-4391-b0ef-3d7a8a1a6d10
cbeaf6ab-23cc-43c5-a740-7191f59d8cc5,Solomon Islands,,2020-12-25T05:04:26.124Z,2020-12-30T11:04:26.124Z,d6ef3dfd-9596-4391-b0ef-3d7a8a1a6d10
17a7ec0b-2758-4721-b104-f368c8109b6a,Solomon Islands,,2020-12-25T05:04:26.124Z,2020-12-30T11:04:26.124Z,d6ef3dfd-9596-4391-b0ef-3d7a8a1a6d10
docker cp ./name_of_file.csv pgdb:/name_of_file.csv
COPY the_table_where_the_data_will_go FROM '/name_of_file.csv' CSV HEADER;



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Adron Hall

Adron Hall

Software dev, data, heavy metal, transit, economics, freethought, atheism, cycling, livability, beautiful things & adrenaline junkie.