It’s distributed from use of a distributed database and shared load across the services data tier. The client isn’t particular relevant where it runs as the server side data tier and database (Cassandra) can be distributed across regional, zone, and other divisions as needed to keep an active-active setup running. Albeit, I’m simply aiming to provide a sample app, with development practices following distributed systems goals — i.e. running them across multiple systems, masterless, with a high scale/high velocity capability of data in/out for scaling.

I was less concerned about the peer to peer nature of the applications, however it would be an interesting addition for sure. I checked out the databases: GunDB, OrbitDB, and ssb-db and can see where they might be used in conjunction with Apache Cassandra. But currently my focus is to stick with Cassandra considering the user base and it’s what I use for work and many prospective clients on a regular basis.

I’ll set the repos up real soon, maybe you can add some feature request stories? I’ll follow up with ya via the Twitters/email or something when I get that done. Thanks for the response!



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