My first response is, “yes, this is from a pedantic point of view a monorepo, but in many stacks this would simply be seen a project repository.”

When I think of monorepos it often conjures up massive numbers of actual individual, sometimes unrelated projects and such, sometimes not even of the same language stack, being shoved into a single repository. Think of Twitter’s for example, for those that have seen it. It’s a monstrously huge beast of extremely unwieldy proportions. Out of necessity or not, there are drastic and very frustrating elements to that.

Otherwise, the second thought that popped into mind was that this more closely resembles what I would call a repository and project that follows the autopilot pattern (re: Something that has it’s immediate concerns from a systemic perspective all included in a single repo.

Overall, regardless of the name of what one may call this repository, I do like the ideas you’ve collected together for use of this repository style for Go Projects. A well written article, and you’ve given me a few ideas to boot, cheers!



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