Pricing Calculations for Work & Projects


Work Desire — The first thing I always think to myself is, “Do I even want to do the work being discussed?” Even though it is more complex then a yes or now. For instance, the main work might be some horrid migration going from a legacy Oracle Database and moving to Postgresql as the core job. But outside of that core job there might be some excellent potential to work with data that is super interesting from a scientific perspective, or logistical freight perspective. (As I find the freight industry very interesting, it ranks high on my “let’s do this” list) Even though the later is vastly more interesting, both need done so it still ends up with a positive “let’s do this” rating. In every possible project I always give it a measure of somewhere on the “Nope” to “let’s do this” spectrum. More toward nope, the increase may go as high as 40% more, more toward the let’s do this, it might even move toward taking a lower price point by 15%. In summary, the desire to do the work on hand is a massive factor in deciding the price I’ll take for the work.

  1. It’s either highly likely they’re good at effective communication and waste a more minimal amount of time with meetings and such, or they’re at least open to doing better or becoming more efficient in their communication and being a remote first type of workplace.
  2. I work best, and can contribute most effectively when I control my geographic location. Forcing an office environment and respective time frame around that office environment immediately decreases what will and can be done.
Areas I’d Commute to in Seattle & surrounding areas on a mostly daily basis.


Fortunately I’ve gotten good enough at this, that I can usually calculate this pricing in a matter of seconds. Before I really had my system down it was very cumbersome. If you put together your own pricing system, make sure to memorize and test out calculations beforehand so that you know when and what you’ll put on the table. It helps immensely if pricing is stated as early as possible, with firmness, and clarity around intent. Whatever you’re going for, I strongly proffer advice to determine what the median rate in the area is and pricing accordingly! It’ll work out better for you and your prospective client/employer/team.



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Adron Hall

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