Reading Up on Observability and Monitoring

Title: Charity Majors on Observability and Understanding the Operational Ramifications of a System

This article is in interview form, with Daniel Bryant interviewer and Charity Majors the interviewee. When asked the question

Title: Monitoring and Observability

Next up I found an article by Cindy Sridharan (@copyconstruct on the twitters). Cindy brings up an often snarky emoted statement, as per the tweet…

…because devs don’t like to do “monitoring”… oh really?
Yes, yes the snark gets a high rating.
If I were to cry of pity for people, this is one of the things I’d cry about for all.

Title: Observability vs. Monitoring, is it about Active vs. Passive or Dev vs. Ops?

This post is by Steve Mushero, and starts off by referring to Cindy Sridharan’s post reviewed above. Steve posits the question in the title of the piece, which my first thought is that it isn’t vs. but complementary right? Reading throught the beginning of the post I get to another gem of a quote.



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