Career Update: Back to Engineering!

Since the inception of my software engineering career, decades ago, I have enjoyed creating resilient software systems and building efficient engineering teams. I found that one of the most important aspects affecting the success of any project is how close engineering teams align with user and community needs. This is one of the reasons it’s crucial for engineering to understand users.

During the past year and a half I’ve been deeply focused on distributed systems and advocacy around Apache Cassandra at DataStax. I chose to work at the company for their commitment to building extremely scalable and performant products. Another reason was my respect for people who work at the company, many of whom are active contributors and committers to Apache Cassandra, Spark and other important open-source projects. DataStax maintains deep experience in the area of distributed databases and I am happy to have been able to contribute to improving products and educational materials around Apache Cassandra. Having gotten to work with many engineering teams within DataStax I am excited about our future efforts!

✨ I’m stoked to announce ✨ — this week I have officially joined the DataStax Apollo engineering team as a Principal Solutions Architect. It wasn’t an easy decision to move from developer advocacy back to engineering because of the great advocates team. I am absolutely thrilled to work together with the Cloud Platform, Services, and Operations teams and contribute to engineering practices across the company. I will always be advocating for the community and in my new position I will be able to contribute directly to solving challenging distributed systems problems with a brilliant team.

📘 More about my team — DataStax Apollo!

📝 If you are interested in collaborating with my team or would be interested in joining, we are hiring engineers! Reach out to me all the regular avenues, @Adron on Twitter, LinkedIn, or message me.

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