Twisted Analytics, I’m Back at Medium Too

I analyzed my articles here at Medium and I realized that the reader traffic to these stories are different, somewhat significantly, than my other blog sources. So with the realization that the readership here is indeed different than the group of readers on my blog @ I have returned. Because after all, I want to provide the most value across the board for the most people I can.

With my return, a heads up since I left, and links to a few of my other entries. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be involved here versus my actual blog versus other places but whatever the case I’ll attempt to make it easy to navigate via links, topics, and the like to the other articles of relevance that I write. That means I may have some reposts here, maybe some unique material, or whatever comes to mind. With that, here’s the links to some material I’ve put together since my Medium departure.

So that’s where I lave this post, with the intent to add new material over the next few days, weeks, and months. Cheers!

Software dev, data, heavy metal, transit, economics, freethought, atheism, cycling, livability, beautiful things & adrenaline junkie.

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