What I’d Feared for The Tech Sector

Good Riddance to Doom & Gloom

I just wrote this and realized I’d painted a pretty droll and dreary future for us developers and technologists. I’m inherently a positive person about the future, but I know the national leadership down to the rank and file citizens of this country have left me in a droll and dreary present. Thus the old pyre of depression sinks in and all of a sudden the future I can see is droll and dreary.
But really, there’s hope, and so often humanity actually thrives, succeeds, and perseveres when the cards are stacked against us. But being realistic, there are some pretty staunch hands stacked against humanity these days. We’ve got our work cut out for us.

Striving to Prepare for Tomorrow

So where do we — the tech sector — as an industry go? Where do I go? I myself am not sure, I’m in the process of lining up 2018 as I write this (more on this really soon). I’m studying algorithms, looking at multitudes of industries, and trying to figure out what the future holds. What industry is actually going to take us forward into tomorrow without decimating and wrecking that very future?

Energy & Economic Challenges

Before we as a species can really continue thinking about the future, at least in any honest and truly long term (like say greater than 25 years even) we really need to get a handle on how we run economic systems and especially how we provide power and logistics for the planet. We’ve set ourselves up for some pretty immediate and deadly energy problems now and in the coming years. The best news is there are legitimate solutions on the table, but we’ve got to get them built!

Housing, Technology, and Markets

The notion, and especially the nonsense, behind Government controlled markets, housing, and capitalism is under heavy attack these days. From ideological means to actual assault in the legislatures of the nation and states of this country and unfortunately, more than a few others (re: Brexit, etc).
Much of the arguments form around equity, many others around the now decimated middle class since labor work is starting to be such a small part of the overall world economy. We have the proverbially defined sharing economy taking off, but it is in many ways a kind of race to the bottom for many of those working that economy as a way of life.

Misogyny, Sexism, Racism, Bigotry…

I have lots of friends. I recently was curious and checked the overall demographics. I must do well to make friends across barriers, as the demographic range of friendships I enjoy are as diverse as the very population of the United States. I am thankful for and extremely happy that I can call so many of you friends, that we’ve all broken down, destroyed, and insured none of these societal constraints prevent our friendships.


Right now I’m wrapping up 2017 and these ideas were running through my mind as I wrote some code. I found it funny that I was being productive writing the code, getting the problems resolved, but all these rather complex topics were rolling around in my mind on background threads. In an upcoming post I’ll be delving into those parts of the tech industry I love so much, that I hope won’t be squelched out in the coming years. I’ll aim to structure and formalize some of the passions, projects, and efforts coming up in 2018. Until then, hope all goes well with you and yours, cheers!



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