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If you’re working on learning about GraphQL or currently building resources with GraphQL, what references would you have wanted? Does anything pop into mind?

I’m putting together a curated page focused on GraphQL reference material, organizations, and products here.

Would love your input. Feel free to leave a comment there on the page, or here, about what you’d like to see added to this list so that it’s more useful for us all.



FYI: No, I was not paid, nor given these freely, nor do I have any connection to Logitech at all.

A short video of the EX Ergo, the hardshell case I picked up for it, and some commentary about using it in different locations.

Video for Trackball + Hardshell Case Review!

A few months ago I picked up a new trackball. It’s one of the multitude of pointing devices I use while working. Just to note, here’s the MX Ergo in its normal spot hanging out with my Apple Trackpad and Logitech m331 Silent Mouse.

Because of the odd formatting, I’ve skipped the cross posting and attempt to format things appropriately for this particular post BUT you can check it out on my actual blog at Composite Code @ “A Review of the MX Ergo Advanced Wireless”. So check out the rest of the details there! 👍🏻



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